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August 23, 2013 Cherry Mobile announced  on its official Facebook fan page the availability of software updates Over-The Air (OTA) for selected models of its devices. OTA Updates or are now available for the following smartphone models:


In order to receive the software update, owners of these devices should go to the system software application and select the option check for updates. Owners should also ensure that they have a strong Wi-Fi connection and their handset’s battery is fully charged to avoid update failure.

Did Cherry Mobile really fixed some issues on their phone specially in Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 or is this just a showcase that their updates are now available Over-The-Air?

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  1. Why can't I download the update for Cherry mobile Hyper?It says my system is up to date. I purchased it last Feb 2013 and have never recieved any updat for it. Until now, there is no update available. Any inputs?

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