Make your 2018 richer and sweeter with Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk that’s just perfect for the whole family. As a comforting beverage, it’s also a certified go-to drink that will warm the heart and satisfy anyone’s craving for a chocolicious drink!

Equal parts creamy and decadent, it’s addicting taste comes from 100% pure cow’s milk that’s directly sourced from Europe and infused with real cocoa. Loaded with calcium and essential nutrients, it’s also a fun and healthy drink whether chilled or added with a handful of ice cubes.

As Jolly Chocolate Milk is also a flexible ingredient from desserts to drinks, it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite pantry staple because of its ability to maximize the chocolate-y goodness of the family’s favorite sweet treats. Additionally, fitness enthusiast chocoholics will be happy to know that it can be a post-work out drink substitute because of its balanced protein and carbohydrates contents.

Guaranteed no artificial sweeteners, added sugar and preservatives, you’re about to enjoy your occasional indulgence without the guilt in every glass of Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk. It’s shelf-stable packaging also allows the milk to be stored at room temperature to keep its freshness and creamy texture up to seven months or until the date code.

This New Year, bolster the delight and satisfaction of your family with this well-loved drink that’s oozing with creamy and classic taste that doesn’t grow old. Besides, there’s nothing like Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk as a luscious companion to lift your spirits up because chocolate is really happiness!

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Jolly Cow is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation in the Philippines. It is available in 3 variants – Fresh Milk, Non-Fat Milk and Chocolate Milk – all in 1 Liter sizes. Jolly Cow is available in leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide. For more information about Jolly Cow, visit

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