When Dumbo was first screened in 1941, audiences were moved to tears by the sight of the adorable Dumbo holding tightly to his mother’s trunk as she swayed him to sleep with the lullaby, “Baby Mine.” Now, as Disney reimagines the classic tale with renowned director Tim Burton, film viewers will once again witness the powerful and beautiful bond between mother and child.

As the live action adaptation explores different themes with the stories of its newly-introduced characters, it also stays true to the original by highlighting the unconditional love between mother and child in the touching moments of Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo.

“It always gives you a tear in your eye, with Mrs. Jumbo—she’s so left out at the beginning, the stork is not bringing her babies. She’s so sad and then finally Dumbo comes, and of course, he comes with an added attraction: he’s got these big, blanket ears that just go on forever, but it’s unconditional love. That’s what we have for our kids and that’s what this movie is all about,” shared Danny De Vito who plays Max Medici, ringmaster of the Medici Bros. Circus.

Throughout the film, audiences will see Mrs. Jumbo’s love and acceptance for her little one as she defends Dumbo against the ridicule of others.  The beginning of the story progresses the same way as the animated version – Dumbo and his mother are separated after Mrs. Jumbo is deemed a mad elephant in her attempts to protect her child.


Director Tim Burton also recreates the iconic “Baby Mine” scene between Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo in the live action version with the characters from the Medici Bros. Circus playing and singing the lullaby softly as the two elephants share a bittersweet, stolen moment before they part ways.

After Mrs. Jumbo is sold to a different circus, Dumbo is heartbroken at the loss of his mother and the Farrier children promise to help him. In their plans to reconnect Dumbo to his mother, things take an unexpected turn as they meet showbiz entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere and discover that things are not as magical as they seem in Dream Land.

While each of the characters go through their stories with different motivations, for the cute flying elephant, only one thing matters – finding his mother. Because of his longing and love for his mother, Dumbo finds the courage to fly and takes audiences with him on the fantastic flight.

From Disney and visionary director Tim Burton, the all-new grand live-action adventure “Dumbo” expands on the beloved classic story where differences are celebrated, family is cherished and dreams take flight. Join the conversations online at #DumboPH. Dumbo is now showing in Philippine theaters nationwide.

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