Based on the findings for the Q1 2019 Social Weather Survey headlining the Filipino satisfaction rate towards President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s proactive performance on public service and governance, 79% of Filipinos aged from 18 years old and above, are saying that they are satisfied, with only a meager 13% currently dissatisfied and 8% still undecided on the matter. This means that Duterte’s net satisfaction is now up by 6 points, calculated by the percentage of dissatisfied subtracted from the satisfied.

This can be considered as a great leap towards public trust and a continuous changing of the Filipino outlook and mindset. From last year’s 4th quarter satisfaction rating, there was a 5-point rise in satisfaction, gross dissatisfaction was reduced by 2 points, and even the undecided Filipinos fell back by 3 points from 11%.

His current net satisfaction rating, which is classified by SWS as “very good”, is on par with his personal high results at the second quarter of the year 2017. From December 2018 to March 2019, President Duterte was able to rack up 15 points for the Mindanao area, 7 points from the Visayas, 4 points in Balance Luzon, and 3 points from NCR.

According to Salvador Panelo, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel and Presidential Spokesperson, the Filipino people across all regions are seeing the sincerity of President Duterte’s promise in continuing to practice people-centered and decisive decisions that promote a positive change to the country and bring tangible results.

“President Duterte is racing against time to fulfill his campaign promise of slaying the dragon of illegal drugs, criminality, corruption and rebellion, as well as providing the people with a comfortable life under a reign of peace during his term,” said Panelo. “No negative force will detract him from his goal of liberating the people from the causes that enslave them and stunt the growth of the country.” he added.

Even in rural areas, President Duterte is still able to make waves from his progressive plans which gave him a new rural net satisfaction record-high of +69 from December 2018’s +57. This latest result in 2 points higher from September 2016 where President Duterte received a +67 rural net satisfaction rating. Only in the urban area did he lose 2 points, from an urban net satisfaction rating of +64 down to +62.

Even then, President Duterte still rose from “very good” to “excellent” in his net satisfaction rating among college graduates, now at +74 from +65 with an 86% of them satisfied and only 11% dissatisfied amidst the relentless negative reception of college students seen on social media.

“The message of the survey is crystal clear. The more the critics and detractors malign PRRD, the higher the rating he gets. These political adversaries are being swallowed by their own hubris. Survey after survey they are being repudiated. They appear to be ensconced if not entangled in their own web of lies that they cannot unshackle themselves from it,” explained Panelo.

Conducted from March 28-31 this year, he March 2019 Social Weather Survey utilized face-to-face interviews for data gathering from 1,440 adults nationwide. These results were weighted by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

“Destiny has placed this President at the helm of this troubled land, so it is his destiny to remove it from its distress and lead it to a state of peace and progress.” Panelo concluded.

Prepared by Leo Laroza, the data from this report is gathered by SWS’ own staff, from questionnaire design, sampling, fieldwork, data-processing, and analysis, and does not outsource any of its survey operations.

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