When you’re super thrilled to style your daughter/son the way you want, but it turns out that they already made up their mind into a chosen ensemble.. it’s definitely going to be a pickle! I mean, I bet every parent can relate to this dilemma, right? As kids nowadays already know how they want to dress up as early as what age, two, three? Ugh, the struggle is real!

Though it’s annoying (in a cute way, fine!), it’s amazing to see how kids can now easily express their personality by having their own style. Based from what my daughter chooses so far, I can tell that she has a great fashion sense, and can be “princessy” at times; gosh she just loves wearing a dress with matching tiara!

To help build her confidence, and bring out her best style, I brought her with me to a fun runway event made possible by Elle Kids. Did you see our video walking down the runway?

Held at the Ogalala Store in Shangri-La Mall last November 24th, the event offered the right mix of discovering one‘s personal style in building confidence. It was mainly about building confidence while young. We were treated to a special workshop facilitated by no less than a former beauty queen, and professional image consultant Abbygale Arenas-de Leon, before enjoying the ultimate Elle Kids shopping spree!

Abbygale divided her workshop into several parts which are all meant to be interactive and encourage participants to really express themselves. Starting with Identifying One’s Dream, she then gets the participants to be more comfortable in front of the camera through an impromptu photo shoot. She also has a workshop expounding on how to believe in one’s dreams and be bold enough to pursue it. There’s also a part of how parents are able to support their children’s dreams.

Focused on bringing out and supporting a child’s uniqueness, individuality, and confidently expressing it through one‘s personal style, the workshop also aims to help parents be more knowledgeable and sensitive about how to better support their child in their learning.

As we check out Elle Kids’ latest collection, Abbygale Arenas-de Leon’s workshop – Building Confidence Through Style, serves as a great eye-opener that enjoying dressing up or nice clothes is not about being frivolous. In fact, taking pride in one‘s personal style and knowing how to best present yourself, is a great way to build confidence.

After the photo-shoot bonding activity, the workshop ended with a fun kiddie runway show featuring the latest from Elle Kids and the actual participants – to test their confidence and make them feel more at ease even when facing a crowd.

Being confident is very important, not just to children but also when they grow up as adults and start pursuing their own careers or starting a family. Thus, it is important to start developing their confidence while they are young.

In the end, guests were able to make their own stylish choices during the Elle Kids shopping spree, putting together the tips that they learned from the workshop as well as have a meaningful bonding experience with family.

Elle Kids’ FW2018 collection offers some holiday fun in its signature French tri-color – red, white, and blue. Combining delicateness, modernity, and sophistication, Elle Kids’ FW2018 collection presents a lot of great options for mixing and matching this holiday season.

The event did not disappoint as my mini-me discovered a lot of options for her to express her style.

The #WearYourElle campaign offers a wide array of choices- from pretty tailored dresses to classic capelets, they will never run out of OOTD-worthy pieces to choose from.

Elle Kids originated from the fashion magazine, Elle, which has become a well-recognized international lifestyle brand that best represents the Parisian’s way of life.

Check out its holiday collection at Ogalala Store in Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Ayala Malls The 30th and at leading department stores nationwide. Make sure to stay connected with Elle Kids through Facebook @Elle Kids Philippines and Instagram @ellekidsphilippines.

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