Epson’s laser projectors were creatively deployed in innovative applications at Epson’s Regional Laser Projection Showcase and in a projection mapping performance at Siam Museum last 8 January 2019.

Epson’s Regional Laser Projection Showcase 2019

Epson’s latest laser projectors were showcased in a variety of environments at the showcase, highlighting the creative ways projectors can be deployed to enhance collaboration and improve productivity at work, as well as create new experiences for play.

A fashion designer workshop, a production room, a retail showroom and a staff lounge are some of the showcases that highlighted the versatility and innovation of applications using the interactive and ultra short throw capabilities of the projectors.

In the workshop, a fashion designer is able to easily communicate and receive feedback from the corporate team through the Moverio smart glasses and KDDI Augmented Reality Recognition software remotely. The team is able to give feedback on the designs through annotating on an ultra-wide 177-inch interactive panoramic screen, consisting of two EB-1470Ui projectors via video conferencing.

The production showroom showcases how the designs are printed on an apron. Designers or users are able to work on their design through a customised app on tablets using customised designs and templates, and can view how it looks on an apron through a projection from the LightScene laser projector, before sending to print on the digital textile printer that prints out in minutes. The LightScene projector uses colours and shape filters to mask the projection for a seamless viewing experience.

In the retail showroom, an interactive virtual fitting room utilising an ultra-short throw interactive laser projector enables customers to try on different clothing designs projected on their image before purchasing.

In the staff louge showroom, employees are invited to relax at the bar counter with interactive visual effects, with the EB-L610U laser projector enabling downward tilting installation. Staff can work out on a bike in a health cave with different scene landscapes projected by the sleek LightScene projector.  They can also watch the big screen with the EH-LS100 ultra short throw home laser projector which projects up to 100-inches with a throw distance of 26cm.

Through these innovative applications, companies are able to imagine how Epson’s laser projectors can be utilised to improve their workflow and to bring new value to their businesses and end customers.

Projection Mapping on the façade of the Museum of Siam

Utilising two units of Epson’s brightest laser projectors, the EB-L25000U together with the ELPLU05 lenses, the projection mapping on Siam Museum weaves a brilliant visual tapestry of Thai culture, in a stunning outdoor projection display. Designed for installation flexibility, the EB-L25000U delivers 25,000 lumens of colour and white brightness at a contrast ratio of more than 2,500,000:1.

The Museum of Siam is a discovery museum established in 2007 and is dedicated to share about the Thai national identity, the history of Thai people, and the evolution of their culture and traditions. The museum invites guests to play and learn through a series of interactive exhibits, which demonstrates the development of Thailand from the past to present.

Birth of Thainess (3 projectors)

In a separate display showcasing the history of Thailand, 3 Epson projectors were deployed in a narrative utilising lighting, music and hydraulic movement of blocks in a 15 minute story.

Thailand’s 3 Pillars (1 projector)

The room shares on the key concepts of Thainess – Nation, religion and king. Visitors are to fit the cubes tagged with QR codes to reveal the puzzle related to Thai national institutions and religion on screen.

Lessons in Thai (1 projector)

Images showing the development of Thailand’s education are shown on the wall. The room shows the development of the classroom. Projections in a classroom allows for a bigger display size, and this ensures that every student at every corner can read even the details so they can learn more effectively.

Taste of Thai room (4 projectors)

In an innovative showcase of Thai cuisine, visitors can play with empty plates. A Thai dish along with its story would be projected onto the table when visitors place the different plates tagged with the respective QR code on the table. They system is integrated to recognize the QR code and project the information accordingly.

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