When working in a fast-paced environment, convenience means everything. But with traditional bureaucracy and unnecessarily tedious processes without plans of digitization to make things more efficient, even bank errands pose a potential hassle.

Most workers need to visit the bank at least once in a week, from paying bills, transferring funds, or even depositing money and managing personal finances. Some online purchases also warrant a need to visit the bank for over-the-counter purchases. Individually, the time spent may seem insignificant. But if pooled together, the time it takes to wait in line can be great, time that should have been spent with family and friends. Learning that a platform which enables its users to gain convenience from anywhere exists, was a deal-breaker. Not only does it cut time spent on the bank, but also offers cheaper operations costs.

This platform is GCash, and it’s redefining the way Filipinos view payments. The convenience of a centralized bank account application with bills payments and more exciting features being added regularly takes a whole lot of work from the busy bees such as corporate workers on tight schedules.

Now, users can also invest money or donate to their favourite charities in a tap of a finger. Sending funds has also been made creative. With the Send with a Clip feature, senders can add a personal message, photo, recording, or even a videoclip.

GCash is vital to BPO workers who are usually not available during bank hours. GCash empowers these workers, and many others across a variety of industries, to be updated and connected to banking services on-the-go. The digital experiences of today are getting better, and so should financial technology experiences as well, and GCash does not disappoint in that aspect.

The ease of doing bank transactions without going to bank is definitely a must have for our BPO workers, bank in your pocket, anywhere, everywhere!

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