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Don’t have any social networking account yet? Always having a hard time trying to access the Internet? Does your cellphone battery get drained so fast every time you use phone applications that requires internet access? Well, stop nodding and start reading!

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“If you can afford a phone, I think it would be really good for you to have access to the Internet.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Ever since Facebook became one of the leading and trending social networking site around the globe it never stopped its co-founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg in meeting the  company’s goal and customers’ standards since he was the one who was been very vocal on what he wants to implement and do for the customers. Facebook keeps on doing improvements and adjustments on the website, creating more selections making it more user-friendly and more customizable depending on the users’ preferences.

Now, Mark Zuckerberg wants to take it to the next level, he plans to take the lead in bringing the data and an access to the internet to developing countries for a little or no charge. The goal is to lower internet access barriers by decreasing the charge of delivering basic internet services on mobile phones (or making it for free if possible.)

Renowned tech companies have agreed to work with the company as partners, including Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson and Qualcomm, they formed a consortium called, Internet.org. Their goal is to simplify phone applications at the same time providing its customers a good quality of service. In addition, they want to improve the components and networks so that it’ll be able to transmit more data without consuming much of the phone’s battery. Together with FB officials these companies will try to make it possible for those who lack access to have a free or at least a cheaper way to make use of the Internet on their mobiles.

“The Internet is such an important thing for driving humanity forward, but it’s not going to build itself”

Mark Zuckerberg

Since the coalition’s aim is to reach out for new possible customers, they’re looking for a best and hassle-free way of delivering Internet especially for those who can’t afford and who lack access to it. Less fortunate countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia present a high percentage of their target market.

It was stated, that the companies who are joining forces in this gumption wants to cut the cost of providing mobile internet to 1 percent of its current rate by improving efficiency of internet networks and mobile phone software. Also, they are planning to develop new business models that would permit phone companies to provide basic means of communication services like social networking sites, e-mail, and web search for free or depending on what they would all agree up for.

“Small efforts can add up to big changes. No one company can really do this by itself.”

Mark Zuckerberg

The Philippines was seen to have the potential, as Globe Telecom has always been very supportive and they cater not just to their customers wants but also to their needs. The service that they render is incomparable they make it easy and affordable with the promos that they offer. Every day, Globe tries to make an impact in every Filipinos’ life by helping them reach out to their loved ones around the world. Globe enabling its users to have a free access to Twitter, Facebook, and Google has increased their subscribers as well as to the demand of a good service.

facebook, Free Facebook, Free Internet, Free Twitter, Globe Telecom, Google, twitter, Globe, Mark Zuckerberg

Globe uses these networking sites and search engines to promote and sell their product. With this strategy, Globe Telecom was able to increase the number of its 37 million users who also subscribe to a mobile data plan to 20 percent from virtually zero in just two years.

“Once you’re connected, you’re connected and don’t want to look back,”

Peter Bithos, Globe’s Senior Adviser for Consumer Business.

It is overwhelming for the Filipinos and especially to Globe Telecom to be noticed and acknowledged of one of the internet giants  in the world for being able to capture the attention of many people and gaining public acceptance through the variety services that they offer. Many people will keep on patronizing Globe as their chosen line because of its free access to Internet at a lower cost.

Source: The New York Times

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