Digital Filipina’s online shopping experience at Hey Mom

Motherhood is a milestone for every women. Exciting but shocking. Whether you’re an expecting first-time mom or an experienced mom, almost every day is still a learning process, because kids are crazy like that, right? But hey, don’t get me wrong, these little, or even the not so little.. they are our bundle of joy. Which is why us moms should take all the help that we can get.

Hey Mom, is a go-to online shop dedicated for all the Momshies who loves online shopping which is an avenue to relax and make up for lost shopping time. However, it is not known to many that online shopping is not only limited to clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. There is actually an online store called Hey Mom, where moms can purchase their children’s pediatric health staples.

From the first phase of mommyhood, the website offers helpful articles for moms. It basically covers everything mommy stuff. I enjoyed browsing through the website because I learned a lot from it. My eldest is already a young adult, but it doesn’t mean that his mom can stop learning about motherhood, right? Some of the articles that helped me a lot include the one that suggests ways to increase the child’s appetite, and OMG it’s the first time I learned about the GI for kids, which turns out to be really important. Anyway, there are other topics on the website that I’m sure will be relevant to each one of us moms.

Hey Mom believes that motherhood is a sisterhood. Apart from featuring some of the inspiring moms in the country, it also provides a forum where you can ask fellow moms and vice versa.

Another good thing about the website is that it gives the opportunity to shop for your health needs. From medicines and therapeutics, vitamins for the kids and adults, and even for the seniors.

Here’s why I love shopping at Hey Mom:
1. It’s easy to navigate; you can shop by category, from men, women, kids, seniors, and pregnant. You may also utilize the search button to find a specific product.


2. Informative; it provides information about the product, which I believe is truly important when buying one. Apart from the shopping section, Hey Mom website provides some articles featuring a specific item and its relevance to our health.

3. Customer friendly; it provides a hotline and an email where you can send questions and concerns regarding your order.

4. Smooth and secured transaction. It gives a lot of payment method options. You can purchase using your credit card, bank deposit, Cebuana Lhuillier, or Cash on Delivery.

5. Fast delivery. I got my package 2 days after I ordered them, and I even got an SMS from their customer service confirming my order and providing details to set my expectation about the delivery.

Not your ordinary online shopping experience, Hey Mom is created especially for the mommies, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned mom, this website is for you.

Login to and enjoy learning new things about your journey to motherhood, and shop your health needs at the same time. Also, stay connected, and follow them in Facebook at and on Twitter @HeyMomPHL.

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