Our modern society​ requires our mindful ​consideration to connect and preserve with nature. With pollution on the rise, ​biodiversity is lost, and around the world, people are suffering the consequences of climate change. Most vulnerable to the detrimental effects caused by these are women. They have a different relationship with the environment given their needs and responsibilities as household stewards, economic providers, and their role in reproduction. (The reproductive system of a pregnant women is especially susceptible to health problems and hazards—every step in the reproductive process can be altered by toxins and contaminants in the environment.) More susceptible to these conditions are women living in rural or marginal suburban areas in developing countries, who have no access to natural resources, a proper diet and adequate health care.

Women had very few opportunities to change unsatisfactory domestic or work conditions and the improvement of their families’ and their own health. But with the advent of ecofeminism, female solidarity continue to rise, and the growing recognition on the critical roles women play in our communities, the world is slowly realizing  that they can also have significant impacts on global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall environmental healthy and sustainability.

Empowered to take part in making key environmental decisions at all levels, women contribute their perspectives in creating policies and programs that affect a woman’s relationship with the environment.

LG supports women across the globe with a solutions that will benefit both women as a group and society as a whole. The electronics company has an established track record of creating innovative and forward-thinking home appliances that are eco-friendly and intuitive enough to change the lives of its consumers for the better. Their line-up of Energy Star-winning products, which includes washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and TVs, slashes electricity expenses for its users while decreasing their environmental impact. Through these innovative solutions, LG is honoring the roles of women in society and valuing their domestic practices, within the home and within the larger environment.

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