HSBC takes a music-loving husband #OneStepCloser to his passion

December 5, 2017 Finance | Lifestyle No Comments

Music has always been a part of Eleni and Darby’s 10-year relationship. It stands as a symbol for their enduring love, culminating with Darby surprising Eleni with a song he played on a piano during their magical wedding day. After tying the knot last July, Darby’s dream of owning his own piano to serenade his wife in their home has become a luxury that comes after a long list of financial demands when starting a married life.

Dreams power everyday life. It creates focus, demands self-improvement, and moves one towards the right direction. Chasing after your dream, no matter how big or small, becomes possible when you are surrounded with the right people and the right tools to turn them into reality. HSBC believes that one step is all it takes to make dreams happen, and it becomes easier with a banking partner who you know will always have your back. It’s never too late to make your dream happen this year. To see how Darby got #OneStepCloser to his, visit

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