If you pass by the Ground Floor of Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City, your attention will surely be captured by the vibrant ambiance that Taco Bell offers. Aside from that, the variety of quick bites that they offer will definitely change the way you experience eating fast food. Their combination of a spirited atmosphere and oh so flavorful tacos truly deserves an audience in your social media accounts. If they are not new to your list though, you must know about the exciting big twist for Taco Bell.


As the Filipino culture shifts from “food as fuel” to “food as experience”, Taco bell welcomes this revolution with this new persona: an explorer brand that inspires people to break the pattern of predictability and try things they’ve never tried before.

Taco Bell brings out their new maxim: “We feed people’s lives with Más” (Más means more).


Live Más is an idea that builds off the foundation Glen Bell created for the brand. Glen Bell founded Taco Bell 50 years ago. Since then Taco Bell has been known for its fun exploration, Taco Bell ventured a different in path in the fast food industry- by thinking outside the bun it was the first to introduce crunchy taco to America.


Live Más is an idea that should inspire consumers to never stop exploring. They promise Más flavor by putting a twist on traditional Mexican food, creating experiences that surprise and delight their customers, Mas heart by passionately serving customers by putting their heart into everything they do and Más value by serving the best quality food at prices that customers love.


Taco Bell’s principles:

H – helpful. They serve others with an “I can do attitude”, no matter who they’re serving.
U – understanding. They understand the lives of their guests and have an active part in communities.
N – never follow. They do the unexpected and stay one step ahead.
G – grateful. They say thank you and mean it.
R – relentless. They strive to be the best at everything they do.
Y – youthful. They are inspired by a youthful spirit and believe that everything is possible.

We are HUNGRY for Más!


Taco Bell also has branches located at the 3rd level of Gateway Mall and 2nd Level of Trinoma.

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