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June 16, 2017 Giveaways | Kids Corner 5 Comments

Disney Channel’s brand new animated series “Tangled: The Series” premiered in the Philippines last May 21. The series is set between the stories told in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ acclaimed 2010 film “Tangled” and its short film “Tangled Ever After”.

Aside from the show’s launch, Disney is also conducting a Tangled Quest Contest until June 30 which kids can join!


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Wait, there’s more! I am feeling generous so I would like to conduct an online giveaway contest for my four (4) of my loyal readers.

Here’s the Mechanics:

1. Comment on this blog post “What do you like most about Rapunzel?”

2. Post a photo of you and your daughter on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram and like my Facebook Page.

3. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #DigitalFilipinaxTangled and tag me so I can track your entries.

4. The best 4 answers will get a goody bag of Tangled items, which include a tote bag, pouch, tumbler, and a Rapunzel doll!

Rapunzel’s strength, confidence, positive disposition and creativity make her a role model for young viewers like your daughters.

Watch “Tangled: the Series” on Disney Channel and take part in The Tangled Quest from 21 May to 30 June or join my giveaway to win exclusive prizes!

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  • Aside from her shiny long blonde hair, I love Rapunzel because she’s brave and has a tender heart. My daughter and I have already watched Tangled more than twice. And we still love it. She’s my little girl’s Disney movie characters favorite. She wants to be Rapunzel who can get along with people and will stand up for herself as she chases her dreams.

  • Well, Aside from her beautiful long blond hair. I like her attitude and her sweet personality on how she accepts people for who they are. She is really fun, bouncy and energetic. Actually me and my daughter loved everything about her.

  • What I like about Rapunzel is how she sees the world the people with rose tinted glasses. In the world we live in, there are an abundance of people who will deceive you (like her step mother), people who can do harm (like theives, drunken men etc.) Rapunzel sees everyone as a nice person and gives them the benefit of the doubt while still being cautious and brave enough to fight for herself when needed. It teaches our kids that we should see people with kindness and that we are all good deep inside.

  • I love Rapunzel because she is kind, friendly, active, curious intelligent and sometimes funny. She can also get along with people easily. And I see Rapunzel in my daughter’s personality! I wish you can pick me and my daughter will be very happy on her 7th birthday!

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