In today’s digital eon, our children’s attention is with their favorite gadget most of the time. However, I believe that watching shows in television is still at the top list when it comes to children’s entertainment. After all, not all kids have access to gadgets but most of the households have television so kids can easily find entertainment from it.


Reaching out to children will be easier now for TV5 as they bring out Hi-5 Philippines, the local version of Hi-5, one of today’s most popular children’s programs. This popular Australian TV show is absolutely close to many kids and parents heart around the world. The great news is that they will now have their first Asian cast which was introduced recently. TV5 has partnered with Hi-5 World, the Australian producer of Hi-5. The local version will show English and Filipino songs and imaginative play.

Baby Khalil and his Hi-5 Friends…

The original host of Hi-5 were Mary, Stevie, Dayen, Ainsley and Tanika while the five Filipino cast includes Rissey Reyes, Gerard Pagunsan, Alex Reyes, Fred Lo, and Aira Binas which are multi-talented performers like them. They went through tough screenings to see how they can engage with the young audiences. They were provided with guidelines to follow aside from being good singers and dancers.

Video of Wow! Amazing! I uploaded on YouTube

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To be more interactive for children and make learning more fun, the Hi-5 gang uses the power of music and dancing. While being dynamic and spirited, the cast will also tell stories in a creative way to sharpen kid’s imagination as they explore various adventures in the show.

I’m pretty sure you’re kids are so familiar with Hi-5, if not this is a great opportunity for them to learn while having fun at home. Give them the chance to be in the loop and meet their Hi-5 friends.

Have your little one tune in to TV5 starting June 15, 2015 at 8:30am and 3:45pm. The show will air every weekday with that timeslot.

Meet and greet with the Hi-5 gang on their first mall tour at Atrium, SM Megamall


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