Swap your old mice and keyboards with brand new wireless Logitech products that are sure to boost your day’s productivity with their premium, portable, and ergonomic design at a price lower than their original retail value.

To trade in/trade up: Surrender your old working or non-working mice or keyboards from any brands to a participating store. Claim your promo voucher—Php200 off for mice, Php450 off for keyboards, and Php300 off for mouse and keyboard wireless combo. Choose the corresponding Logitech products.

But if you don’t have old gadgets for trading up, you can still get a voucher by visiting any participating store. Ask for a voucher—Php150 off for mice, Php300 off for keyboards, and Php200 off for both mouse and keyboard replacements. Choose the corresponding Logitech products.

Traders and non-traders can choose from these participating Logitech devices:

M331 and M221 silent mice for noiseless productivity

K380 and K480 keyboards for multi-device functionality and K400 Plus keyboard with touchpad for PC-to-TV control

MK240, MK235, MK270R, MK345 mouse and keyboard wireless combo to improve portability

Visit the following stores on February 12 to March 31 to trade in/trade up or get a special voucher: Octagon, Silicon Valley, Complink, PC Express, I-Tech, Digital Walker, PC Worx, Playbook Nuvali, Villman, Think PC, and Beyond the Box. 

Post a photo of your trade in/trade up with #gotwiredgowireless and tag facebook.com/LogitechPhilippines!

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