Be part of THE gathering of experts in the fields of marketing, business, trends & innovation, research, analytics and consumer insighting, customer experience, design thinking, neuropsychology, semiotics and more.Join the Consumer Insighting & Storytelling Conference 2019 – The Next Frontier on

August 28-29 at The Marquis Events Place, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634, Philippines


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  1. Discover the power of consumer insighting – an enabler to understand relevant innovations and trends. Unlock the trendwatcher in you!
  2. Get insights from new/latest research to be shared by experts in their current fields.
  3. Learn brand and data storytelling, emerging ideas to stay agile or disrupt markets.
  4. Discover new or evolved tools – quantitative and qualitative – to mine content and data that can help change the current paradigm.
  5. Unlock creative approaches and ideas to trailblaze in this ever-changing, exciting, environment.
  • Consumer Insighting – Bedrock for Trends and Innovation
  • Fostering the Creation of Knowledge Hub in Asia
  • Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019
  • The Future and Role of Research and Transformative Insights to Lead Agile or Disruptive Companies
  • Improving Customer Experience: Creating a Single Customer View
  • Changing the Game in QSRs: Consumer Insighting to Enhance Customer Experience Through Technology
  • Customer Experience Transformation: A Journey to Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Omni-channel Marketing: Enabling Seamless Customer Experience and Opportunities
  • Harnessing the Future: Gen Z and the Power of Alpha Gen
  • Business Future-Proofing: Building Multi-Disciplinary Teams – Transforming Teams to be Disruption-Ready
  • Innovative Analytics: Powering up Consumer Insighting to Drive Business Growth/ROI
  • Human-Centered Consumer Insighting: A Design Thinking Imperative for Innovation
  • Bridging The Gap Of Meaning: Using Semiotics to Help Brands Encapsulate Value
  • New Frontiers in Customer Experience Management: Neuroscience as an Innovative Tool
  • Women and Content Creation – A Gold Mine?

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