Based on the results of the 2018 Q4 poll from the Social Weather Survey, 66% percent of Filipinos aged 18 and above believe that the number of drug addicts in their vicinity decreased over the past year while only 14% saw an increase. 7% of the 1,440  respondents, still, are undecided.
According to Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, President Duterte’s major campaign platform on drug usage remains as the centerpiece program of his administration despite receiving harsh criticism and provocation both locally and overseas.
For rural areas, 68% of respondents believe there was a reduction in the number of illegal drug addicts while a lower 63% was seen from rural areas. 9% said that the number increased in rural areas while the same increase was also observed by 23% from urban areas.
“The political opposition and the detractors of the President have been most vocal in using the drug war to vilify the Chief Executive and his Administration even bringing the issue to the International Criminal Court,” said Panelo.
The data also revealed that 95% of Filipinos say keeping illegal drug trade suspects alive upon capture was important. The number remains the same from the first quarter of 2018. By looking at a regional perspective, both NCR and Metro Manila rated 97%, 96% in Mindanao, and 92% in Balance Luzon.
“Even as our people acknowledge the Administration’s efforts to bring down the number of drug personalities, our focus and drive remain unwavering in destroying the drug apparatus and putting behind bars the drug pushers, with strict observance to operational protocols, until the last day of the President’s term of office in 2022,” Panelo said adamantly.

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