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The ways we take and present photos have undeniably evolved alongside the advancements of technology. One proof of this is how the classic and traditional photo booths we see in events and parties have leveled up into becoming the innovative 360 selfie which is a big hit among celebrities and brands.

As the name suggests, the 360 Selfie presents not just a stagnant photo but a 360 video of the subject. This is best used in parties where attendees want to highlight their different outfits.

During the E! Bloggers’ Ball, the largest gathering of lifestyle and entertainment bloggers in the Philippines, 360 Selfie was recognized with the E! Glam Authority Award. You might want to check Nognog in The City‘s blogpost to see glamorus Holo Foto’s at the E! Bloggers’ Ball.

Photo credit to Rodel Flordeliz of Nognog in The City

Aside from 360 Selfie, WavePlay Interactive Inc., the company behind 360 Selfie has also introduced HOLO FOTO, a limited edition lenticular piece that takes us back to our childhood days.


HOLO FOTO by 360 Selfie from Waveplay Interactive on Vimeo.

The HOLO FOTO inculcates the familiar holo effects we used to have in our toys back when we were kids into polaroid frames. This is the first photo booth of its kind in the Philippines.

For more information about 360 Selfie www.360selfieph.com and HOLO FOTO, visit http://www.waveplayinteractive.com.

Instagram: @360SelfiePH

Mobile Nos: 09175411516

Tel Nos: 506-0617

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