As their teaser says, “A-Style: Your Style,” ASRock finally uncovers to the Philippines their upcoming line-up of 8 Series Motherboards. The company has brought to life what their consumers never thought they would but from the name itself ASrock, they rock and they never fail to surprise everyone with what they can offer and provide especially to the overclockers, gamers, as well as to the other enthusiasts.

ASRock 8 Series, Mother Board, Gaming Computer, Powerful Mother Board

August 17, 2013 at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Isla Ballroom, the long wait was finally put to an end as the world leading motherboard maker, ASrock, launched the — ASrock Intel-based 8 Series Motherboard.

ASRock 8 Series, Mother Board, Gaming Computer, Powerful Mother Board

There were five features introduced namely: Home Cloud, HDMI-in, Purity Sound, Conformal Coating and lastly the ASrock 802.11 ac wifi.

ASrock Home Cloud

This feature allows users to remotely power on and turn off their PCs anywhere (Yes, you aint dreaming of what you just read, Asrock assures you that you will be able to run your errands even if you’re not infront of your PC and worst case scenario if you forgot something from ur desktop) using their smartphones, tablets or ipads. The secondary device (the tablet or smartphone maybe) acts as the remote to control the PC and perform the task.

With Home Cloud your worries and nightmares will be over because ASrock guarantees that this feature is supported by both Intel Ethernet and Qualcomm Ethernet. Users can easily access their documents at home, stream through their music and pictures, send files and even prank somebody by remotely turning on the PC and play a random video.

ASRock HDMI-in

This second feature functions as a pass-through to give the secondary device HDMI signal to the monitor (just simply plug in your tablet’s or device’s cord to the motherboards HDMI-in port and Violaaah!!! You’re good to go!.) I recommend this feature to those who want to experience a good and high quality screen resolution especially in playing games and watching a good movie with your friends.

ASRock Purity Sound

This one is a combination of several hardware, software audio solutions and technologies that will satisfy even the pickiest audiophiles. ASrock Purity Sound eliminates any distortion caused by the oldschool audio capacitors, the very famous “tunog lata at kulob” sound that everyone hates. Music lovers will highly appreciate this feature and will surely make noise about it.

ASRock Waterproof by Conformal Coating

Say goodbye to leaks and save more with ASrock’s very awesome feature. The company has recognized and joined the trend of water-cooled systems. ASrock introduced a waterproof motherboards that uses a Conformal Coating which protects the motherboard from conductive liquid, dust, corroison and extreme temperature.

ASRock 802.11 ac Wifi

IEEE 802.11ac is a new wireless computer networking standard that provides high-throughput wireless local area networks on the 5GHz band.

After a brief presentation, a short meal break was given to the guests as part of the event and for them to have the chance to check out the waterproof motherboard on actual. ASrock also had a little “gimmik,” raffle draw for a chance to win the 8 Series Motherboard. Two lucky women were randomly picked at the draw.

Asrock 8 Series Motherboard is definitely a must-have especially for those whose lives depend on their PCs and to those who do almost everything with their computers on their side and can’t even live without it. Though ASRock has not yet release a price-range for this I bet many will be wanting for this.

I am Karina Ramos, a mom of three amazing kids. I am fascinated with almost every aspect of life, especially technology.

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