Now that summer has officially started, aside from the usual day-to-day tasks, most mommies spend their time with their kids now that they’re on a school break. If you’re the type of mom looking for fun ways to enjoy the summer heat with your children, dive in on to this list as we give you five trendy and five techie finds on Shopee.

Trendy #1: Matchy-matchy!

Since it’s not every day that people are able to spend some quality time in the beach or in resorts, why not make it even more special by dressing up in matching swimsuits with your little girl?

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Trendy #2: Not a single thing left behind

As a mommy, one of the main things to consider when going on a trip includes the important things that you need to bring with you. This does not only include your personal stuff like your makeup and the likes, but more importantly, all the things that are essential to your children’s well-being while you’re all away from home. This 5-in-1 bag is the perfect find for this scenario, as it’s sure to have enough space for the family’s stuff.

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Trendy #3: Stick with that lipstick!

A fun and tiring day outside might leave you looking haggard. Save yourself from that dilemma by putting the best shade on your lips. As the saying goes, “give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.”

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Trendy #4: Style and comfort

May it be a stroll in the beach or in the park, it definitely calls for a comfortable pair of sandals that won’t compromise your style. Strut your way into summer with these pairs of affordable yet elegantly-looking summer sandals from Shopee!

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Trendy #5: Rock that sun block!

With this scorching heat, we all must put a bottle of sun block on our list of everyday essentials. Not only does it prevent skin discoloration, but it also grants us the assurance that while having the best time under the sun, we’re protected by the harmful effects of UV rays that could cause skin cancer. Banana Boat UltraMist Max Protect & Play sunscreen SPF 110 for kids provides our maximum spray protection from sunburn and skin damage by providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This formula is gentle and water resistant to keep up with active kids. It goes on easily for kid-friendly coverage in a clear, no rub SPRAY- it’s our “struggle-free” application. Good thing it won’t run into eyes of your little ones and it has easy Ttwist & lock cap. Awesome right?

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Techie #1: Snap that groufie

Make your summer memories immortal by capturing all your best moments with your friends and family. To ensure that no one gets left out of the frame, use a monopod to give your smartphones and cameras that instant wide angle. We suggest you use monopods that can take shots with just a click of a button rather than those that would require using your smartphone’s timer.

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Techie #2: A different angle

If you’re the type of mom who likes to experiment with photos to have that #feedgoals in Instagram, give these interesting accessories a try. Add a little bit of twist with your camera’s smartphone with these clip lenses that will give your shots a different look with its wide angle, fisheye, and macro functions.

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Techie #3: Power up!

Be sure not to spoil your summer getaway with your smartphone’s dead battery. Always be ready and have an extra pack of power inside your bags. We recommend using those with 10,000mAh capacity and above as these will give your smartphones a full charge more than two times.

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Techie #4: Get fit.

Level up your exercise and workout routines and achieve that summer body with through the help of fitness bands. These devices will help your track how much calories you’ve burnt, as well as how many steps you’ve taken within the day, and your heart rate.

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Techie #5: Modish, functional covers

Protect your smartphones from harmful and accidental falls with these shockproof and stylish covers and cases. Shopee has a wide selection of smartphone cases for different phone models with a variety of designs to choose from, plus waterproof and shockproof ones!

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Whatever you may need, Shopee definitely has it for you. Shopee makes it easier for everyone, especially full-time moms to shop conveniently without having to leave the house. Plus, Shopee also offers COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option for seamless purchasing. Visit or download the Shopee app free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and start shopping now!

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