Summer!!! This is my most awaited time of the year. I always make sure to get sun-kissed by the beach. But getting sun-kissed isn’t enough. It should be sun-kissed in a fashionable way.

This May, I will be going to Balesin to get my skin touched by the sun and of course, I need to go shopping for the things that I need. I don’t need to go out to get what I need, all I need to do is to open the Shopee app and order those Instragam-worthy beach needs that I’ll buy. Here are my top 5 on the list.

A good and fashionable slippers is a must in walking by the beach.

This tapestry can serve a lot of purpose. I can wear it on top of my swimsuit, lay it on the sand where I can put my things or I can lay on it while sun bathing.

A hat that will add elegance.

A woman’s outfit will never be complete without a bag.

And nothing beats a good beach dress to fire up my Balesin Instagram photos.

Here are my top 5 Shopee summer pick, what’s yours? By the way, don’t forget to visit my Instagram for you to check the actual photos of these items.

I am Karina Ramos, a mom of three amazing kids. I am fascinated with almost every aspect of life, especially technology.

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