Construction and real estate experts from all over the world are coming to Manila to virtually mount an “urban revolution” geared at addressing the challenges of climate change, global warming, rising sea levels, earthquakes, natural calamities, environmental pollution, and the socioeconomic pressures from spiralling energy costs, among many others, all impacting the quality of city life.

Many of the experts are among the 2,300 members of the Paris-based international real estate federation spanning some 70 countries across the globe.

This was revealed by chairman Dr. Reghis M. Romero II and president Arch. Nestor Mangio of the Philippines’ chapter of the Federacion Internationale des Adminstrateurs de Biens Conceils et Immobiliers (FIABCI), whose historic 71st World Congress will be staged at the Marriott Convention Center on May 26-30, 2020.

The country’s top property firms will showcase their own innovations in healthy and energy-efficient urban living during the staging of the upcoming world real estate congress in Manila.

Topping the list of congress exhibitors and presenters are Megaworld Corporation, Federal Land Inc., Robinsons Land Corporation, and Prime Homes Real Estate Development Inc., and among others.

All these exhibits will be viewed by the participants from the Paris-based International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), whose membership covers 100 national associations, 95 academic institutions, 2,300 companies, 40 professionals, and over a million individual members in five continents spanning 72 countries, including the Philippines.

“Together, they constitute a global real estate industry that can and is poised to bring about an urban revolution across the world,” said FIABCI Philippines President Architect Nestor S. Mangio in the context of today’s evolving environment such as massive city migration, increased urban density, transport and mobility constraints from ever-growing vehicular volume, water and air pollution, sanitation threats, floods and rising sea levels, earthquakes and structural engineering challenges, climate change and global warming, typhoons and volcanic eruptions, polar shift and changing weather patterns, and spiralling energy and fuel prices, and their impact on food production and the rest of the economy.

Aptly, the congress theme is “Urban Revolution”, which is about planning how the global cities of the future must take shape in the light of today’s threats and challenges.

Supporting the congress are the UN-Habitat, Grant Thornton, Reed Midem, and World Urban Campaign as sponsors, with FIABCI-Philippines ( as the organizer.

“Nonetheless, all these property firms (Megaworld, Federal Land, Robinsons Land, and Prime Homes) are into ecologic, economic and ergonomic urban development where everything is within reach. Their projects virtually serve as precursors to the rise of hikable and bikable cities that we have seen emerging in the continents of Europe and the Americas,” Mangio further explained.

The latest trend, though, includes the use of new construction materials like aerated concrete that can float on water and provide significant thermal insulation. Others feature reinforced joints of beams and columns to create an earthquake-resistant structure by addressing the weakest links.

“An ‘urban revolution’ has started to take shape, globally redefining real estate in the context of today’s challenges while highlighting it as a sunrise industry with progressive demand-driven and consumer-focused property developments,” said Dr. Romero, also the chairman of the 2020 FIABCI World Real Estate Congress.

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